Volunteer, Teaching Japanese

Hello! I’m Momoka from Wing9. We have only a few days left. My last volunteer at Manning Elementary School and British School will finish this week.

At Manning Elementary School, I taught origami, hiragana and janken to American kids every Tuesday and Thursday. At British School, I taught hiragana and katakana, read some books in Japanese and show some Japanese children’s story anime to the students who had Japanese parents or mother.

These volunteer were very fun and kinds are so lovely! I’ll miss them and never forget their shiny smile!

British photo1

British photo2

こんにちは!ボストンでの生活も残りわずか… 今週でManning Elementary SchoolとBritish Schoolでのボランティアも最後です。

Manning Elementary Schoolでは毎週火曜日、木曜日におりがみやひらがな、じゃんけんなどをアメリカ人の子供たちに教えました。British Schoolでは毎週金曜日に両親またはお母さんが日本人の子供たちにひらがなやカタカナを教えたり、日本語で読み聞かせをしたり、昔話のアニメを見せたりしました。

Mannning photo2



Blue Man Group

We went watching Blue Man show. Blue Man show is held Charles Playhouse in Boston. Charles Playhouse is located near Boylston Station. Inside of the playhouse is narrow and dark. The souvenir shop is also small and we bought T-shirts. However, the performance space is separated from the waiting room and on the second floor. The performance space has many seats and most of the first-floor seats was filled that day. In the waiting room, you can eat and drink something you bring, but in the performance space, you can eat and drink only something that you buy inside.


We were excited before the show, because people in the hall was already hot and enjoyed the atmosphere. I thought this hot atmosphere was very American and it was not common in Japan. Also, three blue men made interesting sounds by using tings used in the daily life, for example, pipes or foods. We were surprised such a nice combination of many kinds of sounds. However, I was shocked that the blue men wasted much of foods or things for entertaining. I could not understand that point and I found difference of laugh between America and Japan, so I could not laugh all stage. After the stage, we got a chance to take a picture with one of the blue men. It was nice service and we enjoyed many types of entertainments. BM2


West Side Story


In January 15, it was the final day that we performed West Side Story.


We had practiced act, sing, and dance for 3 months. ws2

Sometimes, we clashed with the other member. And sometimes, we practiced until midnight. However, we always work together and we successfully accomplish.


After all performances finished, tears welled up in our eyes.


Some people were stranger before I belong to the Broadway musical theater club, but finally, we became best friends. It was wonderful experience to join West Side Story.


I went to The Breakers in January. I went for the first time. The Breakers was a big house. I was

very surprised. And The Breakers has a big garden and I saw the Ocean from the garden.


The sea was so beautiful. And inside the house was very luxury. Because the wall and the ceiling was decorated

gold and stone came all over the world. And these were drawn paintings. The Breakers was like castle

and I want to live there.


Emmanuel College Exchange

Hello, we are Yui, Yuna and Megumi from wing2. From last week, we started to take a class at Emmanuel College twice a week. We learn about gender issues. We really enjoy to take a class at an American college and see a new teacher. By the way, we have only 16 days until going back to Japan. Time flies so fast!!! 2 years ago, we moved to Tokyo from other prefecture and after a half year, we came to Boston. But we have been in Boston about a year and a half. We are more familiar with Boston than Tokyo! Boston is our second hometown. We’re busy to enjoy Boston, eat Boston food and buy souvenirs. We’re so happy to come to Boston as members of BLIP15 and be here for a long time.blog #211 pic

Boston Life

Hello! We are Wing 9 students!

We have only 3 weeks left, so recently we tried to go out and eat delicious food. We went to Boston Burger Company and The Salty Pig to eat hamburger and pizza. Both of them were so big but not so expensive. You should try to go there. We recommend these restaurants!

Boston Life

Boston Life 2



今回私たちはTravelについて紹介したいと思います。Showa Boston滞在中にも夏休み、サンクスギビングデイ、冬休み、また週末にも旅行に行くことができます。









Coming of Age (Wing 5)

All of University16 members in wing 5 have become adults legally on January 5, the date is before Coming of Age ceremony. We celebrated the last member’s birthday that day!! She noticed we planned to celebrate her because she found a birthday cake! But our surprise would success.COA2

On January 6, we joined Coming of Age ceremony in the morning. Ms. Kaneko came to Boston all the way from Japan made a speech for us. We promised that we have own responsibility in society and contribute to not only Japan but also all over the world. All of us have never expected to welcome our coming of age in Boston before, of course our parents. However, I think it is a precious memory in our lifetimes. Few people can celebrate the day in other countries. I want to say to my parents, family, and all people around me “Thank you so much” from the bottom of my heart.



In the evening, almost of us joined a banquet in Omni Parker Hotel which is the oldest and historic hotels in Boston. Probably we cannot visit there in private. Of course, we dressed up! Actually, we wear really casual clothes in most of our life here so it was our first experience to dress up. We would look like Disney princesses. We had truly great and delicious dinner. In my opinion, Boston cream pie was the best in all dishes. After eating, a DJ came there and we enjoyed dancing about for 3 hours!! Maybe we can never experience such a party in Japan. Everything was wonderful!!


By the way, time has flown very fast!! 34 days left!! That’s why we have to live valuable days with this members.




Coming of age (Wing 4)

Wing4 Showa blog           by Nanako Fujiwara & Haruna Dotsu

Happy New Year! We are wing4.


“Coming of age” was held at Omni Parker House which is the hotel oldest in Boston.

This party is so important for us.

Because not only we were 20 years old, but we became adult.

We had good dinner such as salad, bread, meat and so on there.

“Boston Pie” is so famous at this hotel because they firstly made it.

Of course, it was so delicious!!!

After that, we danced and took a lot of pictures.



Coming of Age

Hello!! We’re Wing 9!!

Coming of Age(2)

On January 6th, we celebrated coming of age!! We had a party in one of the oldest hotel in Boston, Omni Parker Hotel. We enjoyed a special meal, especially Boston cream pie. After the meal, everyone including teachers danced and it as very fun!

Coming of Age(1)