Student Posts

Boston Marathon

Hello, It’s Kayoko from wing9.

In April 17th, Showa Boston was no school because of Patriot’s Day. I went to closest station from Showa Bostin to see Boston Marathon. Boston Marathon is traditional event to Boston and America. I cheered every runner. Also, Japanese runner got 3rd prize! I didn’t see his nice run but I was glad to hear that news!


Boston Marathon holds in Patriots’ Day (Massachusetts holiday! No class!!). The day of 1775, Battles of Lexington and Concord happened. This war is the beginning of Independence War. I knew Boston Marathon but I didn’t know why it begin. I want to know about American history more!


Museum of Fine Arts


We went to Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for field trip. The big building so I couldn’t go around. There are many parts. For example, America, Europe, Asia and contemporary art. I like all these pictures.

I’m looking forward to going Harvard next week!

Thank you.




Hello, It’s Kayoko from wing9. I start to vlog this semester. I try to write only English every time.

In April 16th, it was Easter!! I went to Church. I watched in upstairs, so I could see around the church. Church choir sang many hymn. It was amazing!!


After that, I went to theatre to watch Beauty and The Beast. I know it hasn’t showed in Japan yet, so I was so happy to watch it earlier than Japan! It was awesome movie. I love it as same as animation. Watching movie without subtitle was difficult but it was good learning for me!

Climate of Boston is very changeable. Today was so hot like summer! However, next week will be cold again. We must be careful to catch a cold!!


MIT Visit

Hello, this is wing 10.

Today, we will introduce one site that we have visited before, which is MIT!


Do you know MIT?

MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”.

It is private university in Massachusetts, and was founded in 1869.

MIT is one of the elite university all over the world.


This is the famous statue of MIT, which is in front of entrance. A lot of people take a picture with it. Of course, we did it too!



Also, there are a lot of buildings whose shape is very unique!

If you have opportunity to visit there, you will be able to enjoy it!






Hi from Wing2!

We’re Natsumi and Natsumu living in room 224. It has been 504 days since we came to Boston and we only have 8 days left. We are excited to see our family and friends in Japan but also we feel sad because we have shared the room for a year and half. We have spent time together for such a long time so it’s kind of weird that we are going to live apart. Anyway, we need to enjoy the rest of our life in Boston! It seems like most students have plans every single day until they leave, especially they are enjoying food. We often run into other Showa students in the city more than usual. 224 girls are foodies and of course we have a plan to eat out for dinner next week! We’re going to our favorite Spanish restaurants. One of good points in Boson is we can enjoy many kinds of food and Boston actually has a lot of good restaurants.

Newburry College

Hello. We are Wing 2.

Time flies so fast! Now I am taking Newburry College class twice a week since regular classes finished. Newburry

However I have only 9 days until I go back to Japan so I went to Quincy Market, Trader Joe’s and Harvard to buy souvenir for my family and friends. I had a great time in Boston but this weekend is last weekend for me to enjoy Boston with my friends so I will spend a great weekend with no regrets.


Volunteer, Teaching Japanese

Hello! I’m Momoka from Wing9. We have only a few days left. My last volunteer at Manning Elementary School and British School will finish this week.

At Manning Elementary School, I taught origami, hiragana and janken to American kids every Tuesday and Thursday. At British School, I taught hiragana and katakana, read some books in Japanese and show some Japanese children’s story anime to the students who had Japanese parents or mother.

These volunteer were very fun and kinds are so lovely! I’ll miss them and never forget their shiny smile!

British photo1

British photo2

こんにちは!ボストンでの生活も残りわずか… 今週でManning Elementary SchoolとBritish Schoolでのボランティアも最後です。

Manning Elementary Schoolでは毎週火曜日、木曜日におりがみやひらがな、じゃんけんなどをアメリカ人の子供たちに教えました。British Schoolでは毎週金曜日に両親またはお母さんが日本人の子供たちにひらがなやカタカナを教えたり、日本語で読み聞かせをしたり、昔話のアニメを見せたりしました。

Mannning photo2



Blue Man Group

We went watching Blue Man show. Blue Man show is held Charles Playhouse in Boston. Charles Playhouse is located near Boylston Station. Inside of the playhouse is narrow and dark. The souvenir shop is also small and we bought T-shirts. However, the performance space is separated from the waiting room and on the second floor. The performance space has many seats and most of the first-floor seats was filled that day. In the waiting room, you can eat and drink something you bring, but in the performance space, you can eat and drink only something that you buy inside.


We were excited before the show, because people in the hall was already hot and enjoyed the atmosphere. I thought this hot atmosphere was very American and it was not common in Japan. Also, three blue men made interesting sounds by using tings used in the daily life, for example, pipes or foods. We were surprised such a nice combination of many kinds of sounds. However, I was shocked that the blue men wasted much of foods or things for entertaining. I could not understand that point and I found difference of laugh between America and Japan, so I could not laugh all stage. After the stage, we got a chance to take a picture with one of the blue men. It was nice service and we enjoyed many types of entertainments. BM2


West Side Story


In January 15, it was the final day that we performed West Side Story.


We had practiced act, sing, and dance for 3 months. ws2

Sometimes, we clashed with the other member. And sometimes, we practiced until midnight. However, we always work together and we successfully accomplish.


After all performances finished, tears welled up in our eyes.


Some people were stranger before I belong to the Broadway musical theater club, but finally, we became best friends. It was wonderful experience to join West Side Story.


I went to The Breakers in January. I went for the first time. The Breakers was a big house. I was

very surprised. And The Breakers has a big garden and I saw the Ocean from the garden.


The sea was so beautiful. And inside the house was very luxury. Because the wall and the ceiling was decorated

gold and stone came all over the world. And these were drawn paintings. The Breakers was like castle

and I want to live there.