Coming of Age (Wing 5)

All of University16 members in wing 5 have become adults legally on January 5, the date is before Coming of Age ceremony. We celebrated the last member’s birthday that day!! She noticed we planned to celebrate her because she found a birthday cake! But our surprise would success.COA2

On January 6, we joined Coming of Age ceremony in the morning. Ms. Kaneko came to Boston all the way from Japan made a speech for us. We promised that we have own responsibility in society and contribute to not only Japan but also all over the world. All of us have never expected to welcome our coming of age in Boston before, of course our parents. However, I think it is a precious memory in our lifetimes. Few people can celebrate the day in other countries. I want to say to my parents, family, and all people around me “Thank you so much” from the bottom of my heart.



In the evening, almost of us joined a banquet in Omni Parker Hotel which is the oldest and historic hotels in Boston. Probably we cannot visit there in private. Of course, we dressed up! Actually, we wear really casual clothes in most of our life here so it was our first experience to dress up. We would look like Disney princesses. We had truly great and delicious dinner. In my opinion, Boston cream pie was the best in all dishes. After eating, a DJ came there and we enjoyed dancing about for 3 hours!! Maybe we can never experience such a party in Japan. Everything was wonderful!!


By the way, time has flown very fast!! 34 days left!! That’s why we have to live valuable days with this members.




Showa Festival Pictures

Keeping with yesterday’s theme, here are some extra photos from the festival itself. Special thanks our Showa Soran Bushi performers and to the Wellesley College Taiko Group for being involved. IMG_2382






























Showa Festival Prep

Here are some additional photos of Showa Boston’s annual festival, held last month. Our students worked hard to make the event a success, but these pictures show that they had some fun as well!
















Trip to New York

We finally visited New York City and enjoyed all three days although the schedule was so busy!

First day, we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant which was decorated old movies and American comics, such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Spider-Man and so on, as soon as getting of our coaches. The city was little bit similar to Tokyo but everything in NYC was brilliant so we were fascinated by the scene. After having dinner, we had a fine night view from Top of the Rock. I have never experienced such a thing!


Next day, we went to a lot of places, National History Museum which was used as the stage “Night Museum” which is one of the most famous movies in the world, Times Square, Broadway to appreciate Matilda and Night Cruising to meet Statue of Liberty. Especially, most of students were impressed by seeing Statue of Liberty because she is a symbol of not only liberty but also NYC and the US. I think she was smaller than I had supposed before but she was so divine and all of us realized that immigrants had been filled with hope when they had come to new land to get a better life.



Last day, we visited Metropolitan Museum, which is the biggest museum in the US. We were overwhelmed the scale so some people got lost. But we enjoyed and studied history. Last of our schedule was shopping so we bought a lot, a lot, a lot!! We will not forget this travelingJ


Showa Festival: Wing 5

   Showa Festival was held on last weekend from December 4th to 5th and wing5 explained American people about Ninja!!

We started to plan for the festival one month ago but we could not meet schedule, so we couldn’t sleep two days before the festival. While some members wrote a fusuma and a shoji to use as wallpapers, others made some games like OX game and a spot the difference, it is 間違い探し in Japanese. In addition, we were particular about the decoration outside of our room. We created wallpapers like a castle wall and tiled roofs. However it was too difficult to make them with only papers, cardboards and paint so we had to think creatively how to make them. We exhausted our own wisdom. And we made Ninja using origami to give people coming to our booth them as a gift. As a result, all exhibitions had just prepared!


During the festival, there were a lot of people regardless of age and gender so we were too busy. But the festival was succeeded! Especially the second day, many elementary school students commuting near Showa Boston came here and enjoyed our exhibitions. Some of them create a lot of Ninja stars to give their family or friends it. Moreover, we felt, however, that to explaining about Japanese culture in English was not easy. So the festival was one opportunity for us to do hard work and improve our English skills more and more.

Additionally, it was a snow day so Boston has welcomed to winter. Christmas is coming soon … .


Happy Birthday

We sometimes hold a party to celebrate a member’s birthday of our wing. So on Sunday, we conducted a party!!

Some members cannot welcome to their coming of age with their family, friends, and colleagues so they had been disappointed little bit. So birthday parties are always held on a grand scale!! The other members prepared gifts and a birthday cake coked by some members and decorated our lounge or the private room where the birthday girl uses. Our performance is often accompanied by happenings but that is just characteristic of us. Of course, we succeeded in our performanceJ

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day which is one of the traditional holidays in the US. All members expect to eat traditional food, turkey and pumpkin or apple pies!!


Niagara Trip – Wing 5

Last weekend, we arrived at Canada and watched Niagara Falls!! Everyone had been looking forward to the trip so we had a good and valuable time although our schedule was too busy.



After boarding a hotel, we crossed the border between the United States and Canada. It was unbelievable in Japan to cross a border by bus because Japan is the island and there is no country next to Japan.




When we watched the falls for the first time, everyone cried and was admired. I have never seen a magnificent thing. We were struck with the grandeur of the falls.

In addition, we enjoyed dinner with having the beautiful view at the Summit Suites Restaurant at Skylon Towers. We ate a delicious steak, a rib, chicken and dessert.

And last day, we went to Lee Premium Outlet and bought many clothes, bags shoes and so on. We were pleased with the trip. And we will enjoy Halloween party this weekendJ




Hello. We are wing 2. We went to Salem to buy costume for  Halloween party. The place had been decorated with Halloween. We saw many people who put on Halloween costume such as ghost and witch. It was so fun. Do you know about Salem? Salem is a famous place in the witch hunt. There were also a lot of historical museums. We could learn about history of witch




image-25-10-16-22-00-3h hunt.



I have volunteered the Greater Boston Food Bank three days per week for three weeks in International volunteer program which students go to organizations from the dormitory in summer vacation. It costs 2,740 dollars even though it is volunteer because this program gives the students credits. Each my three friends in this program went to different places so there are no Japanese helpers in these places. I a little worried about that but there were physical works so I did not have any problems. I went to the Greater Boston Food Bank by a school car. My friend in the program went her place by herself and her money. I sorted ready-made foods by dates and packed them. I walked around to carry boxes so sometimes it makes me a little tired. I set up paper boxes. I put products into bags through a belt conveyer. A person brings foods from boxes to near the line. Another person brings and sets up boxes for people putting foods. It is team work. Volunteers enjoy conversation with workers in the organization. I introduced the Japanese tea ceremony to a college student girl and she got interested in Kaji Aso Studio, which is a Japanese culture center, and is known to many Showa teachers like Katherine, Tom, Pat, and so on. I met her in the last volunteer day for me. We folded letters from the organization to people. There were simple jobs which I have never tried before. They improved my creativity to come up with effective ways to deal with them. Therefore, I learned new things from International volunteer.


College Connection Program

Each fall semester Showa Boston works with area colleges on an intercultural exchanges opportunity called CCP, or College Connection Program. 3 Showa students are matched with an American university student for a series of visits focusing on cultural exchange and learning with their peers.
On our October 15th “Kickoff Day” event, 40 American college students (College Connectors) were matched with 119 Showa students.
Number of American College Connectors by school:
  • Mass. Art: 17
  • Wentworth: 11
  • Emmanuel College: 4
  • Simmons: 3
  • Mt. Ida (since 2014): 2
  • Boston College (since 2016): 1
  • Mass. Pharmacy: 1
  • Newbury (since 2015): 1