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Project Fairs

Last week various student groups held a fair for their final projects. Please see the pictures below!


IS Honors:


Weekly Update/Showa Festival Pictures

This past Sunday and Monday, December 6 & 7, Showa held its annual festival. Please see the pictures below. To see photographs taken by Rus Gant, one of the teachers at Showa Boston, click here.

Yoga with Tiffany

Yoga with Tiffany went great! Please check out the photo below.

CCP Karaoke

On Saturday, November 14, about 50 Showa students and 16 College Connectors (American college students who participate in Showa’s College Connection Program), met at Emmanuel College for a karaoke activity together. Emmanuel College kindly provided the facility, while Showa provided the DJ and equipment. Please take a look at the pictures below!

Hiroshi Motoyama Visit

Mr. Hiroshi Motoyama, President & CEO of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. generously visited Showa Boston earlier this month and gave a talk to students. His presentation was titled 21世紀を生きる君たちへ, or “To Those Who Will Live The 21st Century.” This talk was a fantastic opportunity to hear about, not to mention ask about, the employment world that they will enter within the next few years.

School of the MFA Event


昭和ボストンにはCCP(college connection program) SFC(showa friendship circle) Global Ambassador という3つのプログラムがあります。Global Ambassadorは昭和ボストンの日本語教室に来ているアメリカ人の方に日本語を教えたり、各大学、ボストン内のイベントに出向いて日本の文化通して交流をしています。

Tea CeremonyPractice




Afternoon Tea

Earlier this month, about 40 students attended an afternoon tea with snacks at Dr. Schwartz’s house. Students had the chance to chat with faculty and staff. Please check out the pictures below!

Volunteering at Community Servings

First, I went to orientation. It was scary. There were about 6 other people at the orientation. The manager showed about knife safety and hand washing. Hand washing is very important as it stops the spread of germs. After orientation we could sign up to volunteer.

Community Servings is near Showa. It is a very clean and it is mostly a kitchen. Before we can volunteer we must wear a hair net. Then we wash our hands, wear apron and last we put on gloves. We made bags of cornflakes and raisin bran. We scooped them into bags and tied them.

We made 6 big boxes of cereal bags. Then I sorted and cut tomato for salad. Another volunteer group was from Bank Of America. They packed desserts first and then packed bags with meals for a week to be delivered to sick people. I liked preparing food. I felt helpful.