To Get Involved

We provide extracurricular activities and events that enhance our students' academic experiences.

Campus Life

Academic Building

Showa Boston students have easy access to historical downtown Boston while enjoying the safety and beauty of a quiet residential area of the city.

The 40-acre campus is ideal for sports, picnics, bird watching, and jogging while the indoor facilities support the academic programs and cultural programs offered year-round.

Resident Services

Resident Assistant

Community living is an integral part of the student experience at Showa Boston. Our campus has 9 residential wings. These recently updated facilities house between 30 and 40 students in each wing with a combination of double and quadruple occupancy bedrooms. Each wing has communal bathroom areas and laundry facilities.

Living in each wing with the students are 2 Resident Assistants (RAs). These graduate students or working professionals enjoy living and working with international students. The RAs often plan activities for students, to introduce them to different aspects of American culture. RAs and students do things like attend professional sporting events, or go out for clam chowder and lobster together! On campus, they enjoy things like watching movies or cooking American food. In addition, the RAs help students with any personal or adjustment issues they may be having, practice English conversation and can provide basic help with homework.

Each night (weekdays, weekends, and holidays), there is an RA on duty. The RA on duty assists students with homework and general questions. The RA on duty also can assist in the event of a student emergency, and will work in collaboration with Showa Security and the Student Services Manager on duty to ensure that there is 24 hour assistance for all residents. The Student Services staff of Showa Boston Institute are committed to helping students to be safe, to learn, and to make the most of their Boston experience.

If you are interested in becoming an RA at Showa Boston, click here to learn more!


Security Camera

Our campus is monitored 24 hours a day by guards and a supervised security system. Showa Boston’s unique and updated emergency response system assures a safe and comfortable environment for all students and visitors to our campus.

Health Services

Health Room Nurses

Showa Boston's Health Office is staffed by two full-time Japanese nurses and a part-time American nurse. Students visit the Health Office when they are sick, injured, or want to discuss personal and various health and well-being issues. Our nurses are well trained in offering advice in issues such as nutrition, smoking, culture shock, and relationships.

Showa Boston has created many partnerships with reputable physicians and specialists in the greater Boston area, who provide excellent care to any student at Showa Boston. We have a visiting physician who is on campus once per month to see any students who have a health problem. We also have a partnership with Faulkner Hospital, which is located 5 minutes away from the Showa Boston campus. Our goal is to keep all students on the Showa Boston campus healthy and happy, so that they can concentrate on their studies and enjoying life in Boston.